Saturday, December 1, 2012


Once upon a time, I was on the computer talking to chika about kingdom hearts and she was like what is your favorite game mine is kingdom hearts (1st game) and some other one and I had never fully played kingdom hearts and the only games i have played were kingdom hearts 2 and some ds game so im like definitely kingdom hearts 2 and shes like sigh thats what everyone says then I'm like nonooo dont be sad i like kingdom hearts also and made some shit up about the game and then shes like whos your favorite character mines mage mode sora in the first game and im like... what character personality or who i find attractive? (I dont even) and then msn was messing up and we were talking about a picture of a tiny chihuahua who had just peed on the carpet and his owner looking furious and there was an edit of it and in the third panel it was zoomed in on the doge and jus had the caption "drive owner" and shes like i dont understand and im like wow im such a cool kid for knowing about that. Then we played kind of old games like fish tycoon  and shit and then i was watching tv or looking at something and i got teleported inside an apartment buiding. A storm kami-sama died and then her brother took over he had a message to give someone so he was huge but not scary and walking through the city and it began to storm a lot (thats the scary part) and he looked into an apartment and then struck it with lightning and then i was inside that apartment and everyone like ahhhh spoooky and he was really nice and i floated out the window and he turned a building into a piano and just started playing some sick beats, and then we were watching honey booboo and there was some video making fun of her and the girl on it was super scene and had a poster of dahvie on her wall and EVERYTHING and i poofed into her room and her sister was there too and im like uh.... and they freaked out mostly the scene queen. She was like having a heart attack or something, and i was like suddenly british talking to them and being charming ;) and then Chris Dakota walked over and was about to take his clothes from this closet but he triggered some security thing poorchris and hes like "This is what I get for wanting to dress fashionably" ide and im like ughgh this sweater would be nice if my bindings werent so fucking annoying. I'm like taking off clothes in closet and thinking to myself :| plsnoboobsplsnoboobsPLS and i took off my binder and was flat and im like crying tears of happiness and then the binder had turned into this fashionable corset and chris dakota was like damn i want one of those and im just like muttering to self thiswasmybinderahh and he dressed me up all cool and we went to this cool kid art gallery.  We were just looking around and people were buying the arts and this guy is like STEP AWAY I JUS BOUGHT THIS and we were like ok... and walked around and i had my hand out for some reason and he grabbed it and held hands for second and im like ok chris. Then we walked back and saw this tree named BOB had been sold and chris saw the computer that checked off whether or not something has been sold and he tried to change so boB would be up for sale again but he ended up fucking everything up and the guy came over and we ran to go sit on the couch and watch a movie and im slyly like "this is my favorite movie" and the GUY WAS SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO US and we are like ohshitohshit he KNOWs and then we are sitting there and suddenly a pop up window is like HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM and a window opens and its like cars and birthday cakes and htis really funny song plays and we can barely hold in laughs and then I wOKE UP

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


okay lol so big dum was in the driveway talking to my sister and i was floating around just being a cool kid and they walked into the street and im like ok more floaty stuff and hes like u know sometimes i feel like my brother (or was it uncle idk) is still here trying to tell me something and im like hey u and then i realized i was invisible and i whooshed over and touched him and hes like i swear i jus and im like AHHTHISISTHEBEST and he went on and i grabbed his arm and hes like fdhjckdl wHAT and my sister was like lol dont worry its just ryan u kno they always do stuff like this and im like FFFFine -leave- and i had this cool familiar and im like turn into a cat pls and it did but it didnt look realistic and i saw a cat on the ground and i took its soul or seomthing?? And it mixed with the familiar and then familiar was super kawaii and we floated throughout the streets and im like why are people always after me in dreams, was trying to hide and i accidently went towards a dead end and im like panicpanic and teleported out of there and onto this other street and i got attacked and ended up in this small room with a lot of people glaring at me and there was one noticable guy and he looked scaary and i sat down like what and they are like you're dangerous and need to be killed and im like uh i havent done anything and they were like its all a matter of time he randomly touched the side of my leg??? and i dont know why but it felt nic and im like pls stop thats not cool to be jus TOUCHIN PEOPLE and then something about dylan ..spr... FUCKING ZACK FROM ZACK AND CODY in drag in the pool with me doing a race??? idk and then at this big party where it was 98% black kids having a good time but then it slowly changes throughout the course of the night and it was normal percentage of races and randomly kanon from an cafe was there and im like sobbing because its kanon from an cafe come on and he spoke nearly perf english and was really nice then he went inside to get something and i was staring at something outside then i heard one of their songs and hes like omg thats my song and the music video and everything was playing on the tv and im like hnggg love an cafe and he talked to me and he started having a huge james aura and im like :0 jamjam feels but still looked like kanon and im like THIS CONFUSES MY FEELS?? and there was this app thing on a phone we just found like a get to know a person app i dont know it was a dating app and i dont really confused on what to do and hes like youre the pink and im the blue and i sat there like pissed off and im like this is stupid but i cant really blame him for not knowing siigh and he is like want my old drumsticks? And im like yeye thats cooL and im silently like isnt kanon a guitarist AND THEN IM LIKE IS THIS TERUKI? damn i dont know n he give and he tells me he has to go and i look over at myself in the mirror and im fatish and wearing a one piece bathing suit which will never happen... :|  i leave and go to this house with my kittycat familiar and everyone takes a liking to him and im like ye ye and im dressed completely like a chick and i go into some girls room and we talk and it starts flooding in there then these guys show up and i think one of them is the scary guy from before and drags us (some girl and i) towards this room and then we pass this door and a litle boy is standing infront of it and the people who see him just run and everything near that door is cluttered and spooky and then we get into the room and just talk?? And then im like ughhg going home takes bag outside to wait for busu and there was kanonteruki being charming or something and im like swooon and he leaves and i trip and scream SHITTT and fall in front of these people omg and there was a dead squirrel and they stared in confusion and im like OH screaming "shit" isnt very ladylike so i got up and said in my girliest voice "oopsies" and they laughed but wow gender roles what evn ?? uh skip some parts weird part about surgery and face lifts MY FACE WAS SAGGIN and befre that on busu with some girls idk the ened

Thursday, October 11, 2012


When i have scaryweird dreams it always very interesting, i was  at an abandoned house and some douchey guy i dont like at all, was being douchey, saying something like , "Don't you like my new house? My parents bought it for me." Im like nonono this is not your house they are going to be angryyy.  He jumped over a big (and unlikely) gap in the floor, i followed and he disappeared and there were other people in the house but I didnt know them. They seemed to know me though... The house made no sense and wasnt like a house at all. Someone told me to go to a place with stairs leading up to the a hill and there were two weird buildings and it was acutally the abandoned house again? wat i... i i was suppose to draw that but instead i went inside like what???  I got really scared and left and was on a street with some friends i think and I had a glass of coke. We stopped in someones lawn for some reason and this lady with black hair came out of her house and talked to us and offered me some coke but she ONLY HAD DIET HOW COULD SHE BE SO CRUEL TO ME???????? i was back at the house but i was a different person (kind of like creepy white haired alice from pandora hearts) i actually think i was her I floated around in boredom, looking out the windows i saw this weird monster outside the window, it looked back at me and the house and windows began to violently shake and i thought the window was about to shatter and i flew away into the living room and hid. I was really confused but at the same time knew what was going on (dreams i swearrr) dave strider appeared on the couch and there was someone else there too, i told him not to look out the window but he did anyways and there was this machine circling the house i dont know what it was for or why it was circling the house but it scared me. I looked down at my feet and ive been floating this whole time i was like what if its faster to just walk instead and wow so weird to walk and this was all really fast but someone distracted the guys in the machine and i beat them up ;u; the end uhh there might of been more who KNOWS??

Sunday, October 7, 2012


I was with this little girl who was introduced as my friends daughter in the beginning of the dream (some things happened but i dont really remember) and we were at mcdonalds or some fast food place and i was staring across the street and there was a supposed "horsegod temple" in japan but the design of the building was really like early victorian churches, so i was like would you like to check this out? and she was like okay and i flew her over the temple until we reached the top and there was a thin layer of glass that had been broken in many areas i surveyed the area once i was inside and noticed there were three televisions and i was like what so i peeked over a ledge and there were some kids around my age playing video games and watching animes i told the little girl it might be dangerous so i took out a pendent and it teleported her back to her house i then "fell" over the ledge and landed in the middle of all the action they were like "why are you here?" And i reply "it was an accident i swear" i am such a liar and the guy mumbled "its always an accident never on purpose" so i went to explore this place and it was really cool and modern inside, i opened a door and it was some girl getting dressed and im like oops sorry and i walked away and there was this really cool room like one of those rooms with small doorways and inside its just a normal sized room i walked out and that girl was there she asked me why i liked that room so much and i tried to explain it but it didnt quite work out then the guy came over and said something like "onii-chan" to the girl and im like.... wait did you just say onii-chan?.... to her? its a guy? What then i was like ok with it and i was looking in the mirror and my face was all blurred except my mouth and i was like i am really really tall and then i woke up


Bluhbluh once upon a time i was at my house and the walls were all scratched up and there was blue paint everywhere making things like smilie faces and junk i did something to make this person on the couch really upset and they are like im gonna get you one day for this i was on msn with you i think and my computer started spazzing i think it was because of someone here and i lurked the living room and they was a bout three strange people (almost unhuman in a way) in various spots of the room i soon realized it was the person on the couch they were holding a laptop and i decided to send messages to their msn its really confusing i did this because it could mean i was talking to them or i was sending messages to myself not sure so then it was like all angry and wanted to kill me really badly i was like can not take this i am leaving to go outside and when i was it was amaze there were huge trees and they were all so beautiful, the place looked like a park i was hovering up a few feet and then the stranger thing appeared next to me and im like loook i dont want to fight you and im sorry for what i did and they were like its okay and we had like the awesomest hug it was great and they turned into...... jaMES i dont understand i guess this is a vibe thing and James has rlyrly nice vibes okay so the park wasnt as magical as i saw before and we went walking around the house talking about touhou canon outfits and i found a letter on the ground and it basically was a suicide note and we were trying to figure out who it could of been from jams pointed to next door and i recongized that house being a exfriend's house and i quickly was like no its not then everything got a bit blurry so we went inside and apparently a creeper with a chainsaw was talking to jams and it really weirded him out then i woke up