Saturday, December 1, 2012


Once upon a time, I was on the computer talking to chika about kingdom hearts and she was like what is your favorite game mine is kingdom hearts (1st game) and some other one and I had never fully played kingdom hearts and the only games i have played were kingdom hearts 2 and some ds game so im like definitely kingdom hearts 2 and shes like sigh thats what everyone says then I'm like nonooo dont be sad i like kingdom hearts also and made some shit up about the game and then shes like whos your favorite character mines mage mode sora in the first game and im like... what character personality or who i find attractive? (I dont even) and then msn was messing up and we were talking about a picture of a tiny chihuahua who had just peed on the carpet and his owner looking furious and there was an edit of it and in the third panel it was zoomed in on the doge and jus had the caption "drive owner" and shes like i dont understand and im like wow im such a cool kid for knowing about that. Then we played kind of old games like fish tycoon  and shit and then i was watching tv or looking at something and i got teleported inside an apartment buiding. A storm kami-sama died and then her brother took over he had a message to give someone so he was huge but not scary and walking through the city and it began to storm a lot (thats the scary part) and he looked into an apartment and then struck it with lightning and then i was inside that apartment and everyone like ahhhh spoooky and he was really nice and i floated out the window and he turned a building into a piano and just started playing some sick beats, and then we were watching honey booboo and there was some video making fun of her and the girl on it was super scene and had a poster of dahvie on her wall and EVERYTHING and i poofed into her room and her sister was there too and im like uh.... and they freaked out mostly the scene queen. She was like having a heart attack or something, and i was like suddenly british talking to them and being charming ;) and then Chris Dakota walked over and was about to take his clothes from this closet but he triggered some security thing poorchris and hes like "This is what I get for wanting to dress fashionably" ide and im like ughgh this sweater would be nice if my bindings werent so fucking annoying. I'm like taking off clothes in closet and thinking to myself :| plsnoboobsplsnoboobsPLS and i took off my binder and was flat and im like crying tears of happiness and then the binder had turned into this fashionable corset and chris dakota was like damn i want one of those and im just like muttering to self thiswasmybinderahh and he dressed me up all cool and we went to this cool kid art gallery.  We were just looking around and people were buying the arts and this guy is like STEP AWAY I JUS BOUGHT THIS and we were like ok... and walked around and i had my hand out for some reason and he grabbed it and held hands for second and im like ok chris. Then we walked back and saw this tree named BOB had been sold and chris saw the computer that checked off whether or not something has been sold and he tried to change so boB would be up for sale again but he ended up fucking everything up and the guy came over and we ran to go sit on the couch and watch a movie and im slyly like "this is my favorite movie" and the GUY WAS SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO US and we are like ohshitohshit he KNOWs and then we are sitting there and suddenly a pop up window is like HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM and a window opens and its like cars and birthday cakes and htis really funny song plays and we can barely hold in laughs and then I wOKE UP

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