Tuesday, November 27, 2012


okay lol so big dum was in the driveway talking to my sister and i was floating around just being a cool kid and they walked into the street and im like ok more floaty stuff and hes like u know sometimes i feel like my brother (or was it uncle idk) is still here trying to tell me something and im like hey u and then i realized i was invisible and i whooshed over and touched him and hes like i swear i jus and im like AHHTHISISTHEBEST and he went on and i grabbed his arm and hes like fdhjckdl wHAT and my sister was like lol dont worry its just ryan u kno they always do stuff like this and im like FFFFine -leave- and i had this cool familiar and im like turn into a cat pls and it did but it didnt look realistic and i saw a cat on the ground and i took its soul or seomthing?? And it mixed with the familiar and then familiar was super kawaii and we floated throughout the streets and im like why are people always after me in dreams, was trying to hide and i accidently went towards a dead end and im like panicpanic and teleported out of there and onto this other street and i got attacked and ended up in this small room with a lot of people glaring at me and there was one noticable guy and he looked scaary and i sat down like what and they are like you're dangerous and need to be killed and im like uh i havent done anything and they were like its all a matter of time he randomly touched the side of my leg??? and i dont know why but it felt nic and im like pls stop thats not cool to be jus TOUCHIN PEOPLE and then something about dylan ..spr... FUCKING ZACK FROM ZACK AND CODY in drag in the pool with me doing a race??? idk and then at this big party where it was 98% black kids having a good time but then it slowly changes throughout the course of the night and it was normal percentage of races and randomly kanon from an cafe was there and im like sobbing because its kanon from an cafe come on and he spoke nearly perf english and was really nice then he went inside to get something and i was staring at something outside then i heard one of their songs and hes like omg thats my song and the music video and everything was playing on the tv and im like hnggg love an cafe and he talked to me and he started having a huge james aura and im like :0 jamjam feels but still looked like kanon and im like THIS CONFUSES MY FEELS?? and there was this app thing on a phone we just found like a get to know a person app i dont know it was a dating app and i dont really confused on what to do and hes like youre the pink and im the blue and i sat there like pissed off and im like this is stupid but i cant really blame him for not knowing siigh and he is like want my old drumsticks? And im like yeye thats cooL and im silently like isnt kanon a guitarist AND THEN IM LIKE IS THIS TERUKI? damn i dont know n he give and he tells me he has to go and i look over at myself in the mirror and im fatish and wearing a one piece bathing suit which will never happen... :|  i leave and go to this house with my kittycat familiar and everyone takes a liking to him and im like ye ye and im dressed completely like a chick and i go into some girls room and we talk and it starts flooding in there then these guys show up and i think one of them is the scary guy from before and drags us (some girl and i) towards this room and then we pass this door and a litle boy is standing infront of it and the people who see him just run and everything near that door is cluttered and spooky and then we get into the room and just talk?? And then im like ughhg going home takes bag outside to wait for busu and there was kanonteruki being charming or something and im like swooon and he leaves and i trip and scream SHITTT and fall in front of these people omg and there was a dead squirrel and they stared in confusion and im like OH screaming "shit" isnt very ladylike so i got up and said in my girliest voice "oopsies" and they laughed but wow gender roles what evn ?? uh skip some parts weird part about surgery and face lifts MY FACE WAS SAGGIN and befre that on busu with some girls idk the ened