Sunday, October 7, 2012


I was with this little girl who was introduced as my friends daughter in the beginning of the dream (some things happened but i dont really remember) and we were at mcdonalds or some fast food place and i was staring across the street and there was a supposed "horsegod temple" in japan but the design of the building was really like early victorian churches, so i was like would you like to check this out? and she was like okay and i flew her over the temple until we reached the top and there was a thin layer of glass that had been broken in many areas i surveyed the area once i was inside and noticed there were three televisions and i was like what so i peeked over a ledge and there were some kids around my age playing video games and watching animes i told the little girl it might be dangerous so i took out a pendent and it teleported her back to her house i then "fell" over the ledge and landed in the middle of all the action they were like "why are you here?" And i reply "it was an accident i swear" i am such a liar and the guy mumbled "its always an accident never on purpose" so i went to explore this place and it was really cool and modern inside, i opened a door and it was some girl getting dressed and im like oops sorry and i walked away and there was this really cool room like one of those rooms with small doorways and inside its just a normal sized room i walked out and that girl was there she asked me why i liked that room so much and i tried to explain it but it didnt quite work out then the guy came over and said something like "onii-chan" to the girl and im like.... wait did you just say onii-chan?.... to her? its a guy? What then i was like ok with it and i was looking in the mirror and my face was all blurred except my mouth and i was like i am really really tall and then i woke up

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