Sunday, October 7, 2012


Bluhbluh once upon a time i was at my house and the walls were all scratched up and there was blue paint everywhere making things like smilie faces and junk i did something to make this person on the couch really upset and they are like im gonna get you one day for this i was on msn with you i think and my computer started spazzing i think it was because of someone here and i lurked the living room and they was a bout three strange people (almost unhuman in a way) in various spots of the room i soon realized it was the person on the couch they were holding a laptop and i decided to send messages to their msn its really confusing i did this because it could mean i was talking to them or i was sending messages to myself not sure so then it was like all angry and wanted to kill me really badly i was like can not take this i am leaving to go outside and when i was it was amaze there were huge trees and they were all so beautiful, the place looked like a park i was hovering up a few feet and then the stranger thing appeared next to me and im like loook i dont want to fight you and im sorry for what i did and they were like its okay and we had like the awesomest hug it was great and they turned into...... jaMES i dont understand i guess this is a vibe thing and James has rlyrly nice vibes okay so the park wasnt as magical as i saw before and we went walking around the house talking about touhou canon outfits and i found a letter on the ground and it basically was a suicide note and we were trying to figure out who it could of been from jams pointed to next door and i recongized that house being a exfriend's house and i quickly was like no its not then everything got a bit blurry so we went inside and apparently a creeper with a chainsaw was talking to jams and it really weirded him out then i woke up

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