Thursday, October 11, 2012


When i have scaryweird dreams it always very interesting, i was  at an abandoned house and some douchey guy i dont like at all, was being douchey, saying something like , "Don't you like my new house? My parents bought it for me." Im like nonono this is not your house they are going to be angryyy.  He jumped over a big (and unlikely) gap in the floor, i followed and he disappeared and there were other people in the house but I didnt know them. They seemed to know me though... The house made no sense and wasnt like a house at all. Someone told me to go to a place with stairs leading up to the a hill and there were two weird buildings and it was acutally the abandoned house again? wat i... i i was suppose to draw that but instead i went inside like what???  I got really scared and left and was on a street with some friends i think and I had a glass of coke. We stopped in someones lawn for some reason and this lady with black hair came out of her house and talked to us and offered me some coke but she ONLY HAD DIET HOW COULD SHE BE SO CRUEL TO ME???????? i was back at the house but i was a different person (kind of like creepy white haired alice from pandora hearts) i actually think i was her I floated around in boredom, looking out the windows i saw this weird monster outside the window, it looked back at me and the house and windows began to violently shake and i thought the window was about to shatter and i flew away into the living room and hid. I was really confused but at the same time knew what was going on (dreams i swearrr) dave strider appeared on the couch and there was someone else there too, i told him not to look out the window but he did anyways and there was this machine circling the house i dont know what it was for or why it was circling the house but it scared me. I looked down at my feet and ive been floating this whole time i was like what if its faster to just walk instead and wow so weird to walk and this was all really fast but someone distracted the guys in the machine and i beat them up ;u; the end uhh there might of been more who KNOWS??

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